Friday, February 10, 2012

Gozu (Ox-head),

Gozu (Ox-head), also known as Cow Head, is the title of a story in a Japanese Urban legend. The legend involves a bored group of school children on a coach during a class trip. A teacher, anxious to cheer his students, decides to tell some ghost stories. The children enjoy them but as he begins to run out of good tales to tell, he suddenly asks if anyone has heard of 'Cow Head'? None of the students were familiar with the story. The teacher began and at first the children were mesmerised, but gradually, many grew frightened and then terrified. Several of the children begged the teacher to stop but he appeared to be in a trance, unable to stop. The teacher came to a while later and found the bus stopped in the middle of the road. The children lay about the bus in a catatonic state, their eyes turned in their heads, their mouths frothing, the driver in a similar state. All were alive, but the teacher could not remember the story he told, and no one else present would ever mention what happens in the tale of 'Cow's Head'. Other variations of the story state who ever hears it is never able to retell the story as they die soon after

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