Saturday, February 11, 2012

Legend of Mothman

Tales of the "Mothman" date back to November of 1966. Sightings of a strange creature were reported in and around the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The creature was described as taller and wider than an average man, with grayish-brown skin and luminescent red eyes. The creature also had large wings on which it would glide through the sky and pursue those who saw it. People believed that the creature was using an abandoned TNT plant near the town as its home since many of the sightings took place in that direct area. Numerous sightings were reported over the following year, but they suddenly came to a halt just before a tragic event that may or may not have been connected to Mothman. The Silver Bridge suddenly collapsed during rush hour traffic, and there were reports that the creature had been sighted flying around the bridge earlier that day.

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