Saturday, February 11, 2012

Haunted Painting

This urban legend sprang to life on eBay. Was it a clever ploy to spark traffic for an auction, or is there really some mysterious power attached to this work of art? You can view an image of the painting for yourself at the story goes, the painting, Hands Resist Him, was created by artist Bill Stoneham. According to the auction description, the eBay seller claimed the painting was found abandoned behind a building, so he took it home and hung it on his wall. Shortly thereafter, the seller's young daughter began to complain that the characters in the painting were fighting and coming out into the real world at night. The auction was accompanied by additional photos that were supposedly of the painting changing. The painting eventually sold for over $1,000.00, and so far there have been no further reports on it. Still, the legend of the "haunted painting" has earned a place in modern urban lore.


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